Maison Noir

Maison Noir Alter Ego 786 Candle 370g


A fragrance that stands out from the crowd. This unique Maison Noir creation uses only the finest olfactory ingredients to draw you into their beautiful and exotic world.


You find yourself amidst the vast desert landscape, where scorching winds tousle your hair and an intense aroma of wood and fruit pervades the air seemingly from nowhere. Alter Ego 786 envelops you in an essence of resoluteness, fortifying your determination to tread your chosen path, regardless of the challenges that lie ahead. Its journey begins with a top note harmonizing Raspberry Liquor with the spicy embrace of Cinnamon and Saffron, leading to a heart composed of Bourbon Geranium, Sandalwood, and Cedarwood. Finally, a dry-down of Oud Wood, Labdanum, and Woodleather completes this Fruity-Aromatic-Woody fragrance.

Maison Noir candles, handcrafted in Spain, utilise a superior soy wax base with minimal additives and generously fragrance oil to ensure an optimal diffusion of scents while minimising air pollution. These candles provide an approximate burn time of 85 hours.

To maximise your Maison Noir candle experience, please follow to the guidelines:

  1. Always light both wicks simultaneously.
  2. Allow the candle to burn until the entire surface liquefies, preventing the formation of undesirable wax rings on the glass sides. A persistent wax ring can lead to uneven burning.
  3. Exercise caution not to overextend the candle's burn time to prevent wick "mushrooming" and smoking, which can release soot.
  4. Trim the wick to a quarter-inch before each lighting, and remove any debris from the wax pool. Regularly trimming the wick during use can prolong the candle's lifespan.
  5. Keep the candle away from drafts and avoid moving it while the wax is still in liquid form and hot.

If unlit candles are exposed to excessive sunlight and heat, they may develop liquid droplets on the surface. However, this is not a concern as long as the candle remains upright until the liquid has dried.

Trim the wick of your candle after using to keep your candle in mint condition.


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